Voice Studio Melody Dobson

Singing for Fun

A happy singer is a good singer! My studio is a bright and welcoming space, and we have a lot of laughs in the lessons (there is just no dignity in vocal exercises). 

Even though we are having fun, there is some serious skill building going on in every lesson. I teach the tools of the trade - vocal technique, music theory, ear training, and repertoire (songs) - systematically, with tangible goals and using quality resources

Not all the magic happens in the lessons: students reinforce the concepts and prepare their song for the next week by practising at home (plan on at least 15 minutes every day as a beginner, increasing as you advance). 

Finding Your Voice

Learning to sing is about uncovering your natural, unique sound rather than perfecting your ability to imitate your favourite artists. Building a voice of your own works best when you learn new songs in the lessons instead of music from your playlists.

I use the principle of cross training – singing songs from many different genres – to further your vocal technique and deepen your musical understanding. It's also really interesting and fun!

Once you have established a foundational sound that is healthy and unmanipulated, you can apply it to any music you like to sing. My longtime students have a broad range of vocal and artistic abilities.

Singing for an Audience

Most of us feel incredibly anxious about singing in front of people - even if we earn our living on the stage! The nerves never really go away, but we learn how to present ourselves with confidence even when the butterflies aren't flying in formation. I make sure my students have opportunities to practise this in regular performances suited to their skill level. 

Many of my students love to participate in musical theatre shows, and they can often be heard in lead roles, as in Hubcity Theatre's 2023 production of Jesus Christ, Superstar, or the annual musicals at the Capitol Theatre: Sound of Music, Oliver!, Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

More than just music...

Most of my students stick with this for the long term, returning year after year. Of course that translates into exciting vocal progress - but it also means that we develop a close personal relationship. The students make friends with other singers in the studio, too!