Voice Studio Melody Dobson

I offer two different lesson formats for adult students. Please take a look at the two options below and choose the one that applies to your experience level.

Option #1: Small Group Lessons

Every voice and every singer's goals are unique. At the same time, the fundamentals of singing are the same for everyone. Small group lessons can be a very effective way to learn introductory concepts. The tone of the lessons is relaxed and supportive - we typically have a lot of fun in these groups!

Who should participate?

Adults with little to no prior instruction looking to gain vocal skills and confidence.

What will I learn?

  • Vocal anatomy and function 
  • Principles of vocal health 
  • Fundamentals of vocal technique 
  • Practical application of all concepts in exercises and songs

What is the lesson format?

  • Small group of 3-5 participants 
  • 10 sessions, 45-75 minutes per week (depending on number of participants)

Option #2: Semi-Private Weekly OR Private Bi-Weekly Lessons

Adults who are more experienced can sign up for a shared 45-minute lesson spot. There are two ways that lessons can be shared:

a) You and another adult come every week for 45 minutes together. This is great for couples, friends, and duet partners. 


b) You and another adult alternate weeks. The other adult can be someone you know or someone that I have on my waiting list. This is a good option if you prefer the intensity of having lessons by yourself. You can still join forces with the second person occasionally, for example if you are preparing a duet.